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Please note that all fees quoted herein do not include any of the following:
  • Government Charges
  • Agent's fees for out-of-town work
  • Courier Charges
  • Photocopy charges
  • GST and/or PST charges as applicable
U.S. Dollar Search Fees*
  Corporate Profile Report or Data Extract   $35.00  
  Documents Listing   $35.00  
  Business Names/Partnership Search   $35.00  
  Certificate of Status/Good Standing   $35.00  
  PPSA Search   $35.00  
  Executions Search   $45.00  
  Bankruptcy/Insolvency Search   $49.00
  Section 427-Bank Act   $49.00  
  Bulk Sales Act   $49.00  
  Civil Litigation   $45.00  
  *All fees quoted herein are in US Dollars for searches run in Ontario.